Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Football Player tosses explosive On Field Full Footage

It happend at the AFC Champions League match between Iranian Sepahan and Saudi Arabia's Al-Ahli at the Foolad Shahr Stadium on Sep 20, 2012.

The quarterfinal first leg was temporarily interrupted when the referee ran to one of the sidelines to inspect debris thrown on the field by fans. As you can see from 1:05 in the video above, Sepahan midfielder Adel Kolahkaj picked up a small, black object and tossed it away from the pitch. Turns out that object was some kind of mini grenade or firecracker, which exploded upon landing, causing the referee and his assistant to run like they were Forrest Gump and the small explosion was a bunch of rock-throwing bullies.

AFC Champions League, bomb, explosive, Iranian Sepahan, Arabia's Al-Ahli

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