Monday, April 28, 2014

Soccer: Dani Alves eats banana thrown at him (as Racist Instults)

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VILLARREAL, Spain - Barcelona defender Dani Alves pick up a banana thrown at him as insults by the opposing team fans. One banana landed on his feet last Sunday's game he picked it up, peeled it, then ate it before taking a corner kick.

Alves sparked Barcelona's 3-2 comeback when his off-target shot was turned into an own goal Gabriel Armando in the 65th.

He also kicked a cross that Mateo Musacchio headed into his own goal in the 78th before Lionel Messi hitting Barcelona's winning goal.

Alves has always been at the receiving end with racist taunts he even called it a "lost war" after Real Madrid's fans chanted monkey insults at him during a January 2013 match.

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