Saturday, May 31, 2014

Brazil’s World Cup Violence Continues

One of the world's biggest game the "World Cup" will take place in Brazil everyone is upbeat, but the realities in Brazil is not so good. Stadiums are still in construction and roads and airports are not yet done. There are poor infrastructure to support the wave of people that will go to Brazil to watch the most anticipated sporting event. Internet and communication services are slow.

Poor people turn up in streets to protest about the "World Cup", they are telling the government of Brazil that they don't need it, what they need is food and decent jobs.

"Nao Vai Ter Copa is now their battle cry. There Will Be No World Cup. People want bread, not circuses. It’s OK to love the game, but hate the event."

FIFA, is not amused, about what is happening in Brazil.This is certainly a black eye for Brazil, people will think twice if they will spend their hard earned money to go to Brazil and watch the games.

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