Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Lionel Messi Is signing with Chelsea based on his Instagram

Chelsea, Lionel Messi, soccer

Chelsea, Lionel Messi, soccer

Last Monday, Lionel Messi follows Chelsea on Instagram this leads to speculation that Messi will be signing to the rival club. Well, why would you follow a rival team for nothing?

Looks like Chelsea and Barcelona are talking about £250-million deal that will send soccer superstar Lionel Messi to Chelsea.  When the Argentinian superstar follow @chelseafc on Instagram his 8.7 million followers took notice and went berserk.

If you are not convinced then why would he missed Monday’s training session with a dubious excuse such as an “upset stomach.” Fans are also saying that Adidas will help Chelsea pay Messi’s transfer fee.

I say it's locked He's going to Chelsea.

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