Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Watch Benteke’s Awkward first LFC goal as Liverpool beat Bournemouth 1-0

Christian Benteke, Liverpool, soccer

Christian Benteke awkward first LFC goal is all Liverpool needs to beat Bournemouth 1-0 at Anfield on Monday. Christian Benteke signed with Liverpool for $50 million.

New Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson kicked it to the back post, Benteke tag the ball with the sole of his shoe into the goal. However, it didn't go without controversy since people are saying that the play focused on the role of Philippe Coutinho, who made a clear attempt to play the ball inside Bournemouth’s penalty area despite being more than three full yards offside. Referee Craig Pawson and his assistant referee did not penalize Coutinho for offside and the goal was given.

After Monday’s result, Liverpool are now tied with Manchester City, Leicester City and Manchester United as the only perfect teams in the tournament, while Bournemouth remain in 19th on zero points.

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