Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mick Jagger Doomed Brazil by Rooting for them

Mick Jagger, Brazil, World Cup
Mick Jagger, Brazil, World Cup

Brazilians are blaming Mick Jagger for the Brazil's worst lost in the World Cup History, they lost to Germany 7-1. Mick Jagger was rooting for Brazil to win the game he even watched the game with his son who was wearing Brazil kit.

Too bad for Brazil Mick Jagger has a bad reputation of giving the team that he is supporting bad luck. Back in 2010 World Cup that was held in South Africa he was at the game supporting England, they lost to Germany 4-1 in the elimination round. He also predicted that Italy would defeat Uruguay to reach the elimination round but it was Uruguay who won 1-0. Then he said that Portugal will win and reach the round of 16, they didn't they were eliminated in the group stage.

When England was against Uruguay, he said on Twitter: "Let's go England! This is the one we win!!!" They lost to Uruguay 2–1.

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