Friday, July 4, 2014

Neymar Injured fractured vertebrae, can no longer play in the World Cup

In Brazil 2-1 victory against Colombia they suffered their biggest blow in the 88th minute of the game, Neymar was hit with a knee in the back by Juan Camilo Zuniga. Neymar fell to the ground and was taken off on a stretcher and was rushed to a local hospital. Their team doctor said that he will not be able to play in the World Cup since he fractured his vertebrae and he is in tremendous amount of pain.

Rodrigo Lasmar was interviewed by Brazil's SportTV and he said: "It's not serious in the sense that it doesn't need surgery, but he'll need to immobilize it to recover."

He continued, "Unfortunately, he's not going to be able to play, and the expected recovery period may take at least a few weeks."

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